Updated Google Analytics Integration

ExploreMyPC’s Google Analytics integration now supports Google’s new Global Site Tag (aka gtag or v4 of Google Analytics). In addition, you can now track other Google properties, including Google Adwords, Google Campaign Manager and more.

Once you’ve added the ID to the platform from SETTINGS, all site visitors will be tracked to that property, and conversion events such as form submissions, eCommerce purchases, click-to-call, and more will be sent directly to it. In other words, there’s no need to copy-paste embed code or tag these events yourself; it’s already part of the Duda platform.

Integrate Google Analytics tracking directly in your site settings

Integrating a Google Analytics tracking ID is simple. Just open the site, go to Settings > Google Analytics, enter the property of the ID you want to track, and publish the site. Here’s a list of the properties currently supported:

  • Google Analytics Property ID (UA-*)
  • AdWords Conversion ID (AW-*)
  • Flood Light / Double Click Tracking ID (DC-*)
  • Google Global Measurement ID (G-*)

For more on the new Google Analytics, see this

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